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Let’s make a difference

The student debt crisis is well known. Income based repayment products are how we are trying to solve it.

Impact Statement

Investors are an important part of the solution

Thanks to investor participation, Edly provides widespread access to a financing product designed to be more affordable than traditional private student loans.

There is no better investment than one in education.

Student Benefits

Access to Education

Traditional private student lenders have just 10% of their loans going to students without cosigners despite the fact that most students don't have cosigners or their cosigners prefer not to cosign. Edly provides funding for students without cosigners by underwriting their school and major.

Sensible Repayment Terms

Edly cares about providing affordable repayment terms to students - based on what they actually earn. Students make repayments by paying a small percentage of their earnings.

Student Protection

Edly sources its income based loans from licensed lenders. The loans are fully compliant with all student lending requirements.

IBR Guiding Principles

What is an Edly IBR Loan?

An Edly IBR (Income-Based Repayment) Loan gives students the opportunity to pay for school tuition once they land their first job paying above the minimum income threshold. Payments adjust with income and are designed to be affordable.

Edly IBR Loan
Traditional Private
School Loans
Income-Based Repayment
APR determined by income. No fixed interest rate.
Fixed maximum repayment cap
Payments deffered upon loss of job
No minimum FICO score
Cosigner not required

Investor Benefits

Experience in investment management

Edly is a registered investment advisor. Its principals have decades of experience in private credit. Edly has built a track record of delivering competitive returns since 2019.

Meet the Team

Simple registration & investment tracking

Monthly cash distributions reported on our portal, and NAV reporting provided by our experienced Administrator.

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Our tailored underwriting approach
As one of a few no-cosign loan providers, Edly relies on a heavily data-driven underwriting process backed by publicly available, government-sponsored labor market data as well as our own proprietary data investing in this space.

Edly IBR loans are purchased from licensed lenders. The loans are fully compliant with all student lending requirements. Edly also purchases other income sharing products - income share agreements (“ISAs”), deferred tuition agreements (“DTAs”), and loans to schools backed by ISAs or DTAs.


Why it matters

Take a look into our Student Impact report to see how Edly can make a difference.


Have questions?

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