How it Works

Edly’s investment platform lets impact investors earn returns by funding tuition for underserved college students.


Edly’s innovative approach offers a unique solution that helps address the student debt crisis for the
most impacted students.

Here’s how it works:

Edly Evaluates Schools and Applicants

While most private student loan companies base lending decisions largely on a cosigner’s FICO score, Edly takes a different approach. We don’t require a cosigner and instead underwrite students based on performance and potential.

Historical Outcomes

Edly analyzes millions of public and proprietary data points to identify those schools and programs that deliver successful outcomes.

Academic Progress

Edly seeks to provide “last mile” financing for students at these schools who are within two years of completing their degrees.

Credit Analysis

Edly doesn’t set a minimum credit score, instead focusing on actual credit events and debt to income ratio as indicators of future performance.

Edly Partners With Banks and Other Originators to Underwrite Student Loans

Having identified the schools with the best outcomes and their most deserving students, Edly offers the only regulated student lending platform of its kind in the private sector.


Students do not need a cosigner and pay an affordable, income-based repayment (IBR) based on their post-graduation income.

Originated as Loans, not ISAs

Are loans (promissory notes) in form, with all private student loan disclosures and borrower protections provided.

Underwritten by Banks and Other Originators

IBR loans are originated by FDIC-regulated institutions, not by the colleges themselves.

Innovative Structure

Edly offers the only private-sector platform where students can get regulated IBR loans to fund in-school tuition needs.

Impact Investors Finance High Potential Students

Edly sources pools of IBR loans from banks and originators and makes them available to accredited investors in the form of managed accounts.

Monthly Income

Investors receive monthly cash distributions after completion of 12-month investment period.

Limited Duration

Edly managed accounts have an expected life of six years, shorter than other alternative income funds.

Easy Investment

Accredited investors can invest online in minutes, with as little as a $5,000 minimum investment.

Professionally Managed

Edly is a Registered Investment Advisor, led by a senior management team with decades of experience in structured finance.

Investments support nurses, engineers, social workers, teachers, and more.

How is my investment taxed?

Edly does not provide tax advice and investors are encouraged to seek their...

How often should I expect distributions?

On the 25th of each month (or next business day thereafter), Edly processes...

How much can I expect to earn?

Alternative investments can be high risk. Edly has specific target returns for each inve...

Mar 9, 2022

Edly Inc.

Edly Announces $175 Million in New Investments

New Financing Commitments to Support Education Loans for More Than 15,000 Students and Drive Platform Innovation.


Mar 22, 2022

Edly Inc.

Future Teachers, Social Workers, and Journalists Now Have Access to Income-based Student Loans

Edly brings affordable and flexible tuition financing to students pursuing careers with high social impact.


Jan 20, 2022

Edly Inc.

Edly Acquires Avenify to Expand Education Funding for Nursing Students; Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Nation's only income-based repayment loan platform strengthens its commitment to enable the next generation of professionals with flexible education financing.